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Archives for: January 2015

Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Press Kit Documents

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Jan. 31, 2015 at 5:39 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters 1, Ghostbusters 2
Image Image

Back in July of last year, I created Ghostbusters Press Kit and Ghostbusters II Press Kit pages here on Spook Central. The high-resolution scans of the photos were added (if you have any of the missing GB2 photos, or can provide better scans of the low-resolution and watermarked images, please e-mail me), but I didn't have the documents scanned in at the time, so placeholders were used. Now, I finally have the documents scanned in.

They were scanned in as part of my efforts to scan in every single Ghostbusters script, book, magazine, and other flat piece of merchandise I have. I lost a lot of items due to Hurricane Sandy a few years ago, but I got *really* lucky that most of my Ghostbusters memorabilia/print materials collection was spared. It's a miracle that the scripts were unharmed as the water that flooded my old home caused the shelf they were on to fall off the bookcase. I can only assume the shelf fell after the water receded, otherwise I see no way they would have avoided the water. I took this as a sign that I should get everything scanned in ASAP, so I made a concerted effort to do that these past few months.

The plan, right now, is to get all of the scans cleaned-up and put onto Spook Central by the end of this year (December 31, 2015). There's no deadline for individual items; that's just my goal for when I would like to have everything done by. Matthew Jordan has been helping me out, but we're only two people, so things will be done "when they're done". So, stay tuned to Spook Central throughout the year for more updates and some very awesome stuff. Same ghost time, same ghost channel.
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The Best of Ghostbusters Fan Videos 1997-2007

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Jan. 22, 2015 at 7:49 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters 2, Fans
The recently posting of all Slimer deleted scenes from Ghostbusters II by William Forsche (who has lots of other Ghostbusters II videos on Facebook) got me thinking about Ghostbusters videos, specifically Ghostbusters fan films.

When I became a part of the Ghostbusters online community in 1995/1996, there were no Ghostbusters fan films online. Back then, you were lucky to have a 28.8k modem with dial-up internet, so you didn't have the capabilities to view large full-length movies - and there certainly wasn't a YouTube, or anything like it. The first Ghostbusters fan video that appeared in 1998, "Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good", was less than 90-second long and the video files were almost as small as a postage stamp. Ten years later, Ghostbusters "fan films" would truly be films, full-length theatrically-screened motion pictures. Listed below are six of the more notable Ghostbusters fan videos to appear in this period of time. Some others are linked on the Spook Central Facebook page. Click on the images to view the videos (almost all are on external sites).

I Go To Extremes (1997 or 1998)

Created by Paul Rudoff (that's me) - This is an Extreme Ghostbusters music video set to the song by Billy Joel. I edited this together using analog video dubbing equipment; no computer was used to make this video I made a bunch of music videos in the 1990s, and hope to eventually share them all.
ImageBustin' Makes Me Feel Good (1998)

Created by David Sadler, Brandon Crisp, Mark Argentini, and Rob Cleaton; released on December 14, 1998 - This was the first notable fan film, the premise is that two ghostbusters are sitting outside on a break after a long day of chasing the spooks when some punk starts giving them a hard time.
ImageReal Ghostbusters Wassup (2000)

Created by Chad Paulson; released on March 5, 2000 - This is a parody of a very popular Budweiser commercial that was airing at the time. Audio from the commercial is set to clips from RGB.
ImageFreddy vs. Ghostbusters (2004)

Created by Hank Braxtan; released on May 13, 2004 - This was the first real attempt to make a substantial fan film, and at roughly a half-hour in length, it was successful enough to spawn a full-length sequel.
ImageZootfly's Ghostbusters (2007)

Created by Zootfly; released on January 10, 2007 - The Slovenian video game developer released a couple of videos (and some concept art) onto the internet, which got fans thinking that they were working on a Ghostbusters video game (they weren't). Sony had those videos yanked off of YouTube claiming copyright infringement. You can view them here: Peter Venkman News Report, Blasting & Zapping, Ectomobile Models, Ectomobile Driving.
ImageReturn Of The Ghostbusters (2007)

Created by Hank Braxtan; co-associate produced by Paul Rudoff (me); released on October 31, 2007 - Following Freddy vs. Ghostbusters, this full-length 84 minute epic is the continuing adventures of the Denver Ghostbusters. I believe that this is the only Ghostbusters fan film to have gotten a theatrical release. Also, be sure to read the final shooting script (dated Nov. 7, 2005) and listen to the film score.
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Official Ghostbusters Calendars For A New Year

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Jan. 1, 2015 at 11:30 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters 1, Ghostbusters 2, Books
Today's the first day of a new year, and what better way to celebrate it than by offering up the "Official" Ghostbusters 1 & 2 calendars for 1986 and 1990, respectively. These were published by Antioch Publishing, who had the license to produce books and bound printed materials for both films and The Real Ghostbusters from roughly 1985 to 1991. You might be familiar with most of their books, as they were almost always 5.75x5.75 inches square (yeah, kinda small) and came with "12 Collector Stickers Inside". I have a bunch of their books, all of which I hope to have on this site before the end of the year. The Ghostbusters 1 calendar is different from most of Antioch's stuff as it's a LARGE spiral-bound item roughly 9x11 in size. The Ghostbusters II calendar is their usual small fare.

You can download both calendars from the Ghostbusters Books and Ghostbusters II Books pages, or you can just click on the images below. Antioch flipped a few images in each calendar, and they are being left that way for the sake of preservation. Big thanks to Matthew Jordan for cleaning up the images for both calendars.

You're probably wondering what use you'll get from calendars that are 25-30 years old. Well, calendars can be re-used every seven years since the dates will usually cycle back to the same day-of-the-week positions by that time. The Ghostbusters 1986 calendar was usable in 2014, and will be usable again in 2020 (until February 29th throws it all off by one day), and again in 2025 (not a Leap Year so all dates match). The Ghostbusters II 1990 calendar will be usable again in 2018.

Ghostbusters Official 1986 Calendar   Ghostbusters II Official 1990 Calendar
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