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Archives for: December 2013

New York City 2013 Field Report

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Dec. 29, 2013 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Personal, Ghostbusters 1, Ghostbusters 2, Filming Locations
Yesterday my family and I went into the City to celebrate my parent's 38th wedding anniversary. We visited Times Square and Rockefeller Center, and I figured it would be a good opportunity to take some photos of the Ghostbusters spots at those locations - especially since most of them were unknown to me when I last visited on April 22, 2003. Sadly, between the overcrowding and the set-up for New Years Eve, I couldn't take the exact photos I wanted. I did manage to get a few shots, which have been added to the Times Square and Rockefeller Center pages.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Dec. 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Miscellaneous , Tags: holiday_songs
Unusual Holiday Songs

This year I decided to change things up a bit for this reoccurring feature. The title up there may say "Unusual Holiday Songs", but we're gonna take a look at an "Unusual Holiday Video" this year.

Everyone loves Christmas, so it should come as no surprise that even classic and modern horror movies icons do, too. This 2007 commercial for DirecTV in Argentina gives a glimpse as to how Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Dracula, Chucky, the Mummy, Hannibal Lecter, Samara, and the Wolfman enjoy the holiday season. I'm kinda surprised that the Cryptkeeper isn't there to join in on the festivities.

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Yeah, I would have expected more bloodshed, too.

For the complete list of Spook Central's holiday song posts from years past, click here. Thanks to Matthew Jordan for making the "Unusual Holiday Songs" title banner that appears at the top of this post.
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Before They Were Extreme, They Were Super - Thanks For Asking

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Dec. 16, 2013 at 8:55 PM , Categories: Extreme Ghostbusters
When Extreme Ghostbusters was first conceived by Richard Raynis and Jeff Kline, they needed a name for the show. It didn't have to be the final name, just something they could refer to it by while they were working out the details for the show. Apparently, the very temporary placeholder name they used during early pre-production was SUPER GHOSTBUSTERS. (No idea if gamma radiation or radioactive spiders was going to be involved.)

The full-page ad seen below appeared in The Hollywood Reporter: Animation Special Issue, dated January 23, 1996, for Columbia TriStar Television's current and upcoming children's programming and animation, which proclaimed that Super Ghostbusters was "coming soon". This was a full year and eight months before the show premiered on TV.


In an effort to research this previously unheard-of title, MrMichaelT from the Ghostbusters Wiki reached out to series conceptual artist Fil Barlow, and this is what he found out.
Interesting [advertisement], I've never seen it before. I was in Australia when Adelaide Productions was setting up. Obviously the new studio had to promote itself prior to any art being prepared (notice that absolutely NO art was done for the Ghostbusters and Jumanji spots so it was definitely before I was involved). I vaguely remember talking on the phone to Executive Producer Richard Raynis when he was throwing around some names for the new Ghostbusters show. By the time I was doing initial sketches it had the title "Extreme", which I considered a bit dated and corny (I seem to remember trying to talk him out of it, a lot of shows and toys were "extreme" back then), but I would have hated "Super" so I'm glad we didn't go that way. He seemed pretty set on [the "Extreme" title]. I doubt that he would have been interested in Super at all. Still it's a bit of interesting history to see that the "Super Ghostbusters" name was considered long enough to print [in an advertisement].
And here I thought "Extreme Ghostbusters" was a bad title. I agree with Fil; "Super Ghostbusters" would have been MUCH worse!

Ghostbusters 2013 Mastered In 4K Blu-Ray Comparison Added

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Dec. 1, 2013 at 5:15 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters 1, Home Video

Thanks to Tim Kloske, frames from the Ghostbusters "Mastered In 4K" 2013 Blu-ray have been added to the Ghostbusters Home Video Comparison page. The original full-size Blu-ray frames have been added to the Ghostbusters on Home Video page.

This is what Tim had to say about the 4K 2013 Blu-ray: "For the most part, the 2013 Blu-ray release might now be the best. It's the most honest to the original film (similar to the 1999 DVD) while still being color timed to bring life into the film. The 1999 copy is really dingy and purple. Not only that, but the 1999 version is stretched a little bit. You got more picture in 1999, but everything was stretched. I think whomever did the color timing for the 2013 Blu-ray made some great choices, for the most part."

I don't own the 4K 2013 Blu-ray because I didn't feel that the double-dip so soon after the 2009 Blu-ray was worth it - and the lack of bonus features on the new Blu-ray also put me off (it allocates that space to providing the film with a higher bitrate) - but after seeing the improvements in most of the shots, I'm seriously reconsidering. Of course, with the 30th anniversary upon us in seven months, there's a chance Sony *may* release a Blu-ray set containing both films, so I'm gonna hold off on the double dip until I see if that happens or not :-)

If you don't want to hold off, you can buy the Ghostbusters "Mastered In 4K" 2013 Blu-ray from Amazon.

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