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Matt Editorial: The woman that we needed, Melanie Ortiz

PermalinkBy Matthew Jordan on Nov. 25, 2013 at 6:50 PM , Categories: Books
Over the course of the ongoing comic series Erik Burnham has written many characters into the series from previous canon and other interesting media. But somewhat new/original characters seem to be overlooked most of the time.


Special Agent Melanie Ortiz was introduced during the Haunted America arc in (volume 1) issue #11 while the Ghostbusters visited Roswell, New Mexico. She later visited New York and witnessed Peter being abducted and shortly thereafter, joined Janine and Kylie to try to maintain order and to help try to find the guys. Ultimately Walter Peck got involved in the matter and formed the New Ghostbusters with her on board along with Kylie, Ron, and Janine. She proved right from the start that she was the one that was the logical, yet reasonable, woman of the group. She was able to keep Ron in line while the others used their talents to get the job done. She was the glue of the New Ghostbusters. After the four Ghostbusters returned from limbo, she had briefly returned to New Mexico to go back to her regular routine. She however longed for the excitement that New York had offered.

When paranormal activity rose up, Walter Peck called and was able to work out a deal with the FBI to have her return to the team on loan, as a temp, and likewise keeps the bureau briefed on supernatural activity. She returned as a clearly welcomed member of the team, and is now directly working with the original Ghostbusters. So that brings us to the current times in the Happy Horror Days arc.


With issue #10 that goes on sale this week, we find another comic centered around her. So far, throughout the run, she has been shown as an asset to the team. She shares Venkman's abilities to deal with annoyances in a somewhat tough manner. She gets to the point in a no-nonsense manner. This is in contrast to Kylie and Janine. Both have quirks and flaws and are sometimes shown to get hung-up in these flaws. This isn't the first try at a tough girl Ghostbuster, as noted with: Rachel Unglighter from the IDW mini series "Displaced Aggression", Bridget Gibbons of Sanctum of Slime game, and to a lesser extent, Tara Fitzpatrick of the Beeline app game. However, I think Erik may have finally found a way to make a female character that isn't flawed in a relationship, nerd struck, or down-right a tomboy. She thus far has been a true ideal Ghostbuster hero, not trying to be the female version of Egon, Ray, or Peter.

Looking forward, hopefully Erik will keep her clean of the cliché stuff that holds down and seems to be in everything in the nerd world that seems male dominated, even in this day and age. Let the ladies have their own Ghostbuster. I think the fans can handle it.

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1 comment

Comment from: Doc [Visitor]
I like Burnham, but to be honest, it could be better. Ortiz is like all that new "strong woman"-characters out there... She has no haertliness, she's not likeable. I don't know why female characters nowadays can only be strong and cold or weak. Same with some of the other guys: Egon is offish and arrogant all the time. Ramis never had this distance. Even Winston seems to be cheesed off. Kylie's just a goth cliché. Please, Mr. Burnham: Put more heart, more warmth into these guys. Ray can't handle it alone.
Nov. 26, 2013 @ 21:51

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