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Archives for: April 2012

Titanic 100th Anniversary

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Apr. 14, 2012 at 11:40 PM , Categories: Miscellaneous

The RMS Titanic, the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner, left on its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912 from Southampton, England to New York City, carrying everyone from plutocrats to penniless emigrants. Titanic had an estimated 2,224 people on board when she struck an iceberg in the north Atlantic Ocean at 11:40 PM (ship's time; 9:40 PM EST) on Sunday, April 14, 1912. She sank two hours and forty minutes later at 2:20 AM (12:20 EST) on Monday, April 15th, resulting in the deaths of 1,514 people, making it one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history.

The wreck of Titanic remains on the seabed, gradually disintegrating at a depth of 12,415 feet (3,784 m). Since its rediscovery in 1985, thousands of artifacts have been recovered from the sea bed and put on display at museums around the world. Titanic has become one of the most famous ships in history, her memory kept alive by numerous books, films, exhibits and memorials.

She makes a brief appearance in Ghostbusters II (photo above), as the spectral ship finally arrives at its New York City destination, with its ghostly passengers disembarking to, presumably, finally be at peace. Meant to be a humorous sight gag in the film, its actually a rather solemn happening if you stop and think about it. Although Ghostbusters II was filmed after the discovery of the remains of the actual RMS Titanic in 1985, the specific nature of the ship's iceberg collision and overall appearance is inaccurate. The spectral ship appears to have a giant, gaping hole in its bow when docked, when in fact the actual vessel suffered several dozen small impacts along much of the starboard body and, by and large, broke off into two large pieces.

As I write this, it is 100 years ago to the minute that the ship sank and all of those lives were lost. We've all grown up with the legend of the Titanic, and it feels a little strange to realize that it's, just now, a full century since the tragic event took place. It always seemed so "long ago", but it really wasn't until now.

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Shot On Site - A Look Into The Future

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Apr. 9, 2012 at 5:17 AM , Categories: Spook Central, Ghostbusters 1, Ghostbusters 2, Filming Locations
This isn't a regular Shot On Site article, so I'm not going to tag it as such. This is really a look into the future of the Shot On Site feature here at Spook Central, as well as a few odds and ends that wouldn't fit as regular SOS articles.

Let's talk about sound stages. As you may know, both movies were filmed on a few sound stages at The Burbank Studios (now Warner Bros. Studios). I really was going to totally ignore the sound stages on my Filming Locations page, because I was just going to concentrate on locations that were shown in the film as they really exist (in a manner of speaking) in the real world, which people could actually visit. Yeah, you could tour the Warner lot, and you can (maybe) even see inside some of the stages, but all you'd see is an empty stage. You wouldn't see any of the Ghostbusters sets. However, after some careful consideration, I decided to create a Burbank Studios page here on Spook Central.

Let's get out the crystal ball and look into the future. Matthew Jordan from the Ghostbusters Wiki has been on a crusade to identify every single location on my Unidentified Filming Locations page. Incredibly enough, he's actually been getting some of the extremely hard to find locations identified. Okay, in all fairness, Matthew isn't the only source of some new IDs. Two of them I got all by myself, one was (in a really weird way) a joint effort by Matthew and myself, and two were ID'ed by other folks online. The rest were all Matthew. And what are these new locations you may ask? Well, here's what you have to look forward to over the coming months: GB1 Chinatown, GB1 Flipped Driving, GB1 Jogging, GB1 Ray With Trap, GB1 Reporter, GB1 Undead Cabbie, GB1 Wandering Louis, GB2 Gracie Mansion, and GB2 Orrefors.

You ever find something that, if you had found it earlier, would have made your life a whole lot easier? That happened to me today. While watching the Ghostbusters II Electronic Press Kit looking for behind the scenes sound stage shots for the Burbank Studios page, I saw a shot that I must not have paid too much attention to when I first watched the EPK a few years ago:


Here we see the guys taking the santa hat promo photo in front of the clearly-marked Record Explosion store. You know, the Record Explosion store the guys run out of with smoking trap in hand in the film. The same Record Explosion store that I painstakingly identified using some fan-taken behind the scenes photos and Google Maps last year. Had I noticed this shot in the EPK years ago, it would have been a whole lot easier to identify the location :-)

Finally, I leave you with Entertainment Tonight's brief behind the scenes look at Ghostbusters II from 1989. I didn't record this or originally upload this. I think it came from the old Megadownload thread at the Ghostbusters Message Board on Ghostbusters.net, but I could be wrong about that. Anyway... ENJOY!

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Ghostbusters 3 Hellbent Script To Appear In IDW's Comic Book Series

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Apr. 1, 2012 at 4:53 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters 3, Books
Comic artist Tristan Jones, who designed the rotating series of Spook Central banners you see atop this site, has let me in on a little secret. Dan Aykroyd's Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent script will be adapted into comic book form starting in Ghostbusters issue #13, and continuing to issue #16. The details are still being finalized, so there isn't much to report right now, but he did tell me that the first issue will have a whopping THIRTEEN variant covers. A rather unlucky number for those of us with small wallets. Expect a formal press release from IDW in the coming days, but in the meantime, if you don't tell anyone, you can view a preliminary rough of Tristan's variant cover by CLICKING HERE.

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