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Archives for: November 2011

Ghostbusters PlayStation 3 Goodies

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Nov. 17, 2011 at 1:45 AM , Categories: Ghostbusters 1, Games
I've finally joined the 21st century and bought a PlayStation 3. My primary reason for the purchase wasn't the games, though I owned two before I even owned the console. I bought the PS3 primarily to replace a crappy Insignia Blu-ray player. (Insignia is Best Buy's brand, in case you don't know.) Every firmware update might fix one thing, or nothing perceivable at all, but break several other things. I won't go into details, but in short, DON'T BUY AN INSIGNIA BLU-RAY PLAYER FROM BEST BUY.

I knew that the Ghostbusters Blu-ray included a Ghostbusters PS3 menu theme, so that was the first disc I put in the system. That theme is now installed on my system and I have no plans to ever change it :-) If you've never seen what this theme looks like, I added some screen shots to the Ghostbusters Blu-ray page here on Spook Central. I also found out how to extract the wallpaper images from the PS3 theme file, so those 1920x1080 and 640x480 images are also available to download on that page. So if you've ever wanted to have that PS3 wallpaper on your computer, now you can have it.

The second disc I put into the console was Ghostbusters: The Video Game (GBVG), which was the first PS3 game I ever bought - six months before I bought the console. When you highlight the game on the PS3 menu it displays a nice group shot background image. I can't rip that image from the disc because my computer's Blu-ray drive can't read PS3 discs (only one model in the world reportedly can, and mine isn't it), but I did do an analog screen capture of it - which you'll find below, and also on the Ghostbusters: The Video Game page here on Spook Central.


The PS3 version of GBVG also includes 6 "exclusive" videos (as in "not on PC or [presumably] Xbox 360") that are already unlocked from the start. I added a list of them to the bottom of "Unlockables" tab here on Spook Central. One of these is the Ghostbusters' commercial seen on Dana's television in the film, only without the on-screen graphics and shown in it's complete form in full screen (4:3 pillarboxed into 16:9). This is an incredible bonus never seen elsewhere before, and it isn't even advertised on the back of the case! This is NOT on the Ghostbusters Blu-ray. Below is my 640x480 analog recording of this video. (I can only record video from my newly-purchased PS3 through the analog composite output captured at 640x480, so the quality isn't as great as if I did a direct digital rip from the disc, but I think it'll suffice. The only other copy known to exist online is missing the first second or two, so at least this one is complete.)

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