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Archives for: August 2009

Ghostbusters Video Game - Fake Real GB Costume Pic

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Aug. 29, 2009 at 9:17 PM , Categories: Games
As previously mentioned here on Spook Central, the only unlockable "outfit" in the stylized version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game is the Gozerian Rookie Outfit. It's not really a new outfit, just a different colored version of your regular outfit and skin & hair. When it was first revealed that the Wii/PlayStation 2 version would have cartoony graphics, many fans had hoped that the developers would make the characters look like those in The Real Ghostbusters animated series. When that turned out not to be the case, they then hoped that the multi-colored outfits from the series would be unlockable in the game. Although that wasn't meant to be either, that didn't stop one fan from visualizing what that would look like.

click to enlarge

The above image came from the Ghostbusters Italia website. I have no clue who actually made that fake, but it's a damn good job. It's fooled some people into thinking that the outfits are in the game. Of course, it didn't fool me because I knew instantly that it was a modified version of an official screenshot (below). If anyone knows where to the find the full-sized RGB mock-up image, please let me know.

click to enlarge

[UPDATE - 8/31/2009]
Lanny D. Crepit has let me know that the picture was done by one of the more artistic members of GBFans, but that he doesn't remember which one. He did provide a link to a bigger version of the picture, which is linked to the smaller copy seen above. I did a little digging - okay, a quick Google search for the filename in Lanny's link - and I *think* that I found the artist. It appears that it's forum member JayM who originally posted the image here.

Frank Welker In New Live-Action Role

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Aug. 28, 2009 at 1:08 AM , Categories: Cast & Crew
Frank Welker, the voice of Ray and Slimer in The Real Ghostbusters, is a god among voice artists. Although his filmography is filled with literally hundreds of vocal performances, he has done a few live-action roles. How few? Well if the filmography at IMDB is accurate, he's had live-action roles in six movies and on twelve television shows. That list includes a new role - his first live-action movie role in 37 YEARS! As reported by Doreen Mulman on The Frank Welker Homepage, Frank has a supporting role as Mr. Whitacre in the Steven Soderbergh comedy/thriller The Informant! with Matt Damon and Scott Bakula, in theatres September 18, 2009: "I am sneaky and I do love a good surprise. Yes, I am playing Matt's father in The Informant! It's not that I won't do an on camera part now and then, it's just that I'm not too keen on auditioning. This was offered to me and how could I pass it up. It is a very small part, so don't blink..." -Frank Welker (4/8/2009)

[UPDATE - Doreen has uploaded a gallery of screen shots of Mr. Welker's appearance in The Informant!. The film is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.]

Doreen also posted Frank's awesome interview from a recent issue of Toyfare Magazine. So go check that out.

For the record, I carefully went through Frank's IMDB filmography and weeded out all of his vocal roles. What appears below are all of his on-screen appearances. This isn't a complete list as I know he appeared as himself in a few featurettes on some of those Scooby-Doo animated movie DVDs that have come out nearly yearly over the past 10 year. I could swear he appeared as himself in some local New York/New Jersey talk show in the early 1990s that I think aired on WWOR. He also appears in an unlockable video in the Curious George video game, and I think the Transformers movies video games, too (I know him and Peter Cullen did interviews [1, 2, 3, 4], but I don't know if any of those are in the game itself). He was also on an episode of Dinah! in the 1970s as himself.

  1. The Trouble with Girls (1969) .... Rutgers (video clip) (Buy DVD/Buy DVD)
  2. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) .... Henry (video clip [Frank from 2:34-3:10]) (Buy DVD/Buy DVD Double Feature)
  3. How To Frame A Figg (1971) .... Prentiss Gates (Buy DVD)
  4. Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972) .... Myles (Buy DVD)
  5. Dirty Little Billy (1972) .... Young punk (Buy DVD)
  6. The Informant! (2009) .... Mr. Whitacre (Buy DVD/Buy Blu-Ray)

  1. The Kowboys (1970) (TV) .... Clem
  2. The Don Knotts Show (1970) TV series .... Regular
  3. The Partridge Family: "My Heart Belongs to a Two Car Garage" (1972) TV episode .... Sioux (images and audio) (Buy DVD 2nd Season)
  4. The Paul Lynde Show: "Springtime for Paul" (1973) TV episode .... Freddy
  5. Catch-22 (1973) (TV Pilot) .... Lt. J.S. McWatt
  6. The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour (1973) TV series .... Regular
  7. Love, American Style: "Love and the Mind Reader/Love and the Mr. and Mrs./Love and the Soap Opera" (1973) TV episode .... Public Defender (segment "Love and the Mr. and Mrs.")
  8. Love, American Style: "Love and the Fortunate Cookie/Love and the Lady Prisoner/Love and the Opera Singer/Love and the Weighty Problem" (1973) TV episode .... Nephew of Enrico Carisima (segment "Love and the Opera Singer") (picture - at bottom of page)
  9. Laugh Trax (1982) TV series .... Sketch roles
  10. The Duck Factory: "The Duck Stops Here" (1984) TV episode .... Everett
  11. Simon & Simon: "Almost Completely Out of Circulation" (1984) TV episode .... Dubbing Actor (Buy DVD 4th Season)
  12. Highway to Heaven: "Summit" (1986) TV episode .... President (Buy DVD 2nd Season)
  13. Infidelity (1987) (TV) .... Freighter

  1. The Merv Griffin Show: Episode dated 7 March 1977 (1977) TV episode .... Himself
  2. Slimer Won't Do That! The Making of 'The Real Ghostbusters' (1990) (TV) .... Himself (video clip, full show)
  3. The Making of 'The Lion King' (1994) (TV) .... Himself
  4. 10th Annual TV Academy Hall of Fame (1994) (TV) .... Himself
  5. Movie Magic: "Sound for Animation: Animated Audio" (1994) TV episode .... Himself
  6. Movie Magic: "Computer Animation: Fine-Tooning" (1996) TV episode .... Himself
  7. Disney's One Saturday Morning: Episode dated 19 September 1998 (1998) TV episode .... Himself (segment "Manny The Uncanny") (video clip)
  8. E! Entertainment Special: Who Let the Dog Out? (2002) (TV) .... Himself

  1. Garfield Gets Real: Bloopers, the Voices in Our Heads (2007) (V) .... Himself (Buy DVD/Buy DVD Double Feature)
  2. Garfield Gets Real: Legends Working Together (2007) (V) .... Himself (Buy DVD/Buy DVD Double Feature)
  3. Garfield Gets Real: Finding Your Voice (2007) (V) .... Himself (Buy DVD/Buy DVD Double Feature)
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Fan-Made Real Ghostbusters Score Album

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Aug. 26, 2009 at 12:08 AM , Categories: Real Ghostbusters

Musical fans of The Real Ghostbusters have had to make due with just the Tahiti soundtrack album, as we didn't get a "score album" of the series' instrumental pieces by composers Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. I think it's safe to say that we never will get one. The Music & Effects tracks on selected episodes in Time Life's The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection DVD Box set are as good as it's ever going to get. A few fans have taken these tracks and used them to assemble their own score albums.

Ryan (aka "Stingray2501") has made a concerted effort to take those Music & Effects tracks and turn them into a score album. Here are a few words from him to explain more.
Basically I ripped the music/effects tracks from my Time Life set. And I've edited the majority of them into tracks selecting the best pieces. Eventually I want to edit more and narrow done more pieces. These Music Effects tracks are as good as it's ever going to get.

I just want to get the word out that this is happening, and see if anyone wants to help out.

I think what's in the zip is pretty good so far.

Would love to hear what you think. :)
August 19, 2009
Ryan/Stingray2501's RGB Score File - v2 with Covers (87.67 MB)
I had a couple hours to work on this again today. So here's a better copy, with track numbers, maximized volume and CD covers.

Another fellow named Chad originally posted the following message in the comments of this thread.
Hi all. I'm 28 years old and the Real Ghostbusters was a huge part of my childhood growing up. I love the score to the series and hearing the tracks always reminds me of the episode scenes.

I bought the DVD boxset when it came out a few years ago and made a set of mp3 rips of the scores for my own enjoyment a few years ago. I stumbled on to this website and thought I'd share. Some of these are better than others - I did my best to capture these from the DVDs. Some are spliced together as best possible to minimize the voices and sound effects. It's not perfect but I think it's pretty good.

I can't guarantee this is 100% exhaustive, but I know that when I was watching the DVDs for the first time I kept a running list of all the score pieces I heard, and tried to cover all of those when I started this project. You may not agree with all the names, but I had to call them something to keep them straight.

I'm not sure how this compares at all to what's already been posted, but maybe it has a few of the missing ones. I have about 100 tracks, and I see previous posts mention 50.

Anyway, let me know what you think!
Dec. 9, 2011
Chad's RGB Score Files (69.54 MB)

Cool New Ghostbusters Merch

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Aug. 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Reviews & Merch
With this being the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters, lots of companies are jumping on the licensing bandwagon and releasing new Ghostbusters merchandise. Some of it excellent, some good, some okay, and some pure crap. I thought that I'd spotlight a few items that I bought for myself, which I think are good or interesting enough to tell everyone about.

Hallmark Ecto-1 Ornament
Released just in time for Summer at Hallmark Stores all across North America is this awesome Ecto-1 musical Christmas ornament. It's apparently the version seen at the beginning of Ghostbusters II (though not in decrepid condition), judging by the 1989 Liberty-style license plate. According to Alex Upton it's a pretty faithful recreation even though some of the colors aren't exactly movie accurate (I didn't do any comparisons, so I'll take his word for it). You put the three included disc batteries inside the compartment on the bottom (you need a small screwdriver to unscrew it), and push the little red button on top to play the Ray Parker Jr. theme tune. In that regard it seems like it's the "deluxe model" of the Ecto-1 keychain from the GBVG Wii Slimer bundle, except that one plays a siren sound effect. Since the wheels move, as noted in Hallmark's many pre-release ads, you could even use the ornament as a glorified Matchbox/Hot Wheels car! It retails for $18.50 USD and should be found in just about any Hallmark Store. It's listed on Hallmark.com, but they don't allow you to buy it - just add it to your wish list. Below is a small gallery of images I did: a photo of the car and box front, a scan of the box front, and a scan of the box back and bottom (and an additional image I found online). Below that is the text blurb on the back. Slimed84 has also taken his own photos; and if that's not enough for you, be sure to check out Alex Upton's video of the car with its audio playing.

Image     Image     Image     Image
Is there something strange in your neighborhood? If so, you may hear the unmistakable siren of the "ECTO-1" as it speeds the Ghostbusters to the "scene of the slime." In the hilarious 1984 comedy, this modified 1959 Cadillac became a common sight around New York City as ghost sightings sky-rocketed and the team of apparition apprehenders chased down everything from a green glob of goo to a skyscraper-sized marshmallow man. Whatever kind of ghosts you've got, the ECTO-1 can be on its way in a flash! Who you gonna call?

Ectoplasm Energy Drink
Do you miss Hi-C Ecto-Cooler and wish there were a new Ghostbusters beverage to take its place? Can you afford overpriced energy drinks? Then you're in luck...kinda. While it won't exactly replace the great Ecto-Cooler, Boston America's Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink is its tangier, sweeter, clearer younger cousin. I'll admit, I don't partake in energy drinks, so I have nothing of its ilk to compare it to. Someone said that Ectoplasm is close in taste to AMP, but I can't say if that's true or not. The only energy drink I've ever had prior to this one was Red Bull Cola and it was absolutely horrible (maybe regular Red Bull is better, but I don't care to find out). Ectoplasm is better than that, most definitely. It is currently selling online for $2.99 a can + $4.99 for shipping ($7.98 total), which makes it a very pricey 8.4 fluid ounces. You can find a full size image of the actual can at Proton Charging, and below is a large scan of the can label (it's the best I can do considering it's hard to flatten down and my scanner likes to put glare marks on reflective objects - like plastic).

If you do opt to buy it, there is a way for you to drink the beverage while still keeping the can in as close to mint condition as possible. Instead of opening it up using the pull-tab at the top, carefully insert a pushpin into the bottom. Then remove the pushpin and immediately put a cup under the hole. As this is a carbonated beverage, try to do this after you've let the can settle for a while (it'll get shaken up during shipping). I've found that I actually had to "milk" the liquid out of the can by gently squeezing on the sides, as it wouldn't flow out of the pushpin hole on its own after the initial burst. After all of the liquid is out - or as much of it as you could possibly get out - wipe any liquid off the bottom of the can then put a small piece of adhesive tape over the hole to keep it dry and prevent it from attracting bugs. If you don't want the can, you can still keep the Ghostbusters design as the printing is on a sheet of plastic form-fitted to the can. After you finish the contents, using a razor blade (a box cutter or x-acto knife will do the trick), slice vertically at the seam above the "not for children" warning. Keep the plastic, then recycle the can.


Spanish Chips
Okay, this is something that I did not buy, because they don't sell them in the United States, but they're pretty cool and fit in the overall topic of this post, so I'll squeeze this in. Over in Spain, snack food manufacturer Risi is doing a Ghostbusters promotion with temporary tattoos in various bags of their snacks, and a contest in which Spanish residents can win PS3's, Blu-Ray's, etc. Daniel Colacicco just got back from Spain, and brought some bags of Risi snacks back with him. He was kind enough to take some photos and provide them to me, which you will find below. In addition to those photos, you can find a few more over at Proton Charging. Gotta love a bag of Cheesy Poofs with a LARGE No Ghost logo smack dab in the middle :-)

Image     Image
Image     Image
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From The Vault - Slimer 3:16

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Aug. 24, 2009 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Spook Central, Fans, Internet , Tags: from-the-vault
Ten years and two weeks ago today I spotted a pretty cool Ghostbusters reference on the August 9, 1999 episode of the World Wrestling Federation's flagship program Raw Is War. I promptly reported it to Chris at Proton Charging, and he posted the following two days later.


Image 08/11/99
Pretty funny stuff.
A fan at this weeks WWF RAW telecast was holding up a sign that said "SLIMER 3:16". A Ghostbustin' nod to the famous "AUSTIN 3:16" (as in Steve Austin. Fans often spoof the sign), which is itself a nod to the even more famous "JOHN 3:16" signs made part of popular culture by that guy who used to show up at sporting events with his sign and a rainbow fright wig. He has a name, I just can't remember it.
Thanks to Paul at Spook Central for the use of the picture. Click on the picture or link to see Paul's much better and more complete screen grab.

Copyright© 1999 Proton Charging

The original post is no longer online, but a new version does appear on the main Proton Charging site. Besides that, the link to the full size image no longer works, so it's a good thing I had a my back-up.

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