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This page contains all the information I have or can find about all the different Ghostbusters comic books that were published over the years. You can find links to buy many of them on the Store page.


NYGB Comic Guide - by Chris Buchner - Covers every single GB comic ever made (including Filmation)! All of the United States comics are present (up to 2008 - when the site was last updated), as well as ones from the United Kingdom. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.





NOW Comics Video Files
RGB Comic Book Guide by Phil Capps

Some issues of the comic book are available for your downloading pleasure. To view these files, you will need a Comic Book Reader. More information can be found on the Help page.

In The Real Ghostbusters 3-D Slimer Special (July 1993, NOW Comics), a letter I wrote to the editor was published. Here is that letter.

To NOW Comics:

I love your REAL GHOSTBUSTERS comics. I have a lot of your SLIMERs and a lot of your REAL GHOSTBUSTERS comics, but I am missing quite a few. Could you send me a list of all the GHOSTBUSTER-related comics books you make, because I want to collect them. I have a lot of the original SLIMER comics and a lot of the original GHOSTBUSTERS comics, but that's about all. Keep up the good work!

       Yours truly,
       Paul Rudoff

Dear Paul:
I'm sure a lot of other readers would like to know exactly what issues are available. Thanks for the request, and here's a list (as of May 1993):

SLIMER #1-19
SLIMER Trade Paperback
RGB, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-28
RGB, Vol. 2, Nos. 0-4
RGB 1992 Annual
RGB 1993 Annual
RGB 3-D Slimer Special

(letter response written by Joan M. Weis, editor)

NOTE: RGB "Vol. 2, No. 0" is better known as "Vol. 2, Spectacular 3-D Special."


Ghostbusters: Legion
Issue # Cover Cover Image
1 regular - 1st Printing All 4 GBs
1 regular - 2nd Printing Ecto-1
1 variant Peter
1 exclusive - Graham Crackers Comics
(only 1000 made)
GB fighting Stay-Puft
1 exclusive - Toyzz
(only 1000 made)
Terror Dog
1 UV Incentive No Ghost logo
2 regular All four GBs & blue ghosts
2 variant Winston
3 regular Equipment close-up
3 variant Ray
4 regular Ecto-1 driving away from large green ghost
4 variant Egon
4 exclusive - Bulldog Collectibles Egon and a large green dog ghost
N/A softcover trade paperback (UK)
(published by Titan Books)
No Ghost logo on black
N/A "The Zeddemore Factor"
San-Diego Comic-Con exclusive
ghost trap

An ongoing monthly series was planned, but because of the bad business practices of 88MPH Studios owner Sebastien Clavet, no issues were ever published. That's not surprising considering a hardcover trade paperback version of the Legion series that was offered for pre-sale was never published, even though hundreds or thousands of customers paid in advance for it. (UK publisher Titan Books released a softcover trade paperback, but without any of the extras that Sebastien promised would be in his version: a colored version of The Zeddemore Factor one shot, concept art, 'Ecto-Logs', and a foreword by Ghostbusters creator Dan Aykroyd.) The ongoing series of the comic was to officially start in June 2004 with three known stories. The synopses below were collected from the official site. They are followed by copies of the cover art that were briefly made available online and in Previews magazine.

Ghostbusters Monthly #1 - In June of 1984, GHOSTBUSTERS exploded into theaters and captivated a generation. Twenty years later, the boys are back in a brand new MONTHLY comic book series. Now that they've saved the world twice, the Ghostbusters want to go global...but that's easier said than done. Meanwhile, a dead man is wandering the streets of New York and something wicked stirs in the Central Park Zoo. Old foes, new enemies and trusty unlicensed nuclear accelerators, this exciting first issue has it all. Because even after two decades, you know who to call.

Ghostbusters Monthly #2 - Romance is in the air as Egon and Janine go out on their first official date, and with Peter playing the role of Cyrano things are bound to get interesting. Meanwhile, Winston goes solo, Louis gets an unwelcome visit from an old friend, and Ray takes a trip to a dark, dangerous place...the library.

Ghostbusters Monthly #3 - With the powerful ghost known as Ahriman making trouble and Vinz Clortho back for an encore, the Ghostbusters find themselves racing from one disaster to the next. And that's before things get really bad. It turns out there's one thing worse than having two evil spirits rampaging through New York; when they get together.

Some issues of the comic book are available for your downloading pleasure. To view these files, you will need a Comic Book Reader. More information can be found on the Help page.


  • Four issues, plus one variant cover: #1, #1 Graham Crackers variant, #2, #3, #4.
  • All four issues collected into a trade paperback.
  • All four issues collected into a trade paperback, which features the #4 Cover B art (Ecto-1 in foreground, guys with equipment behind, blue bg). All of the individual cover art (regular and variant) is included in the back of the book, except for the issue #4 Winston cover art.
  • Solicitations for all issues
  • Solicitation for trade paperback
Issue # Cover Cover Image
1 Cover A Old West Peter with gun
1 Cover B Four guys in front of logo & city skyline
1 Retailer Incentive Cover Four guys in front of logo & city skyline, no titling
1 Hundred Penny Press Edition Cover Old West Peter with gun, Hundred Penny Press framing
2 Cover A Ray in armor holding sword
2 Cover B Ray in armor with monster claws on edges
2 Retailer Incentive Cover Ray in armor with monster claws on edges, no titling
3 Cover A Egon in green magicians outfit
3 Cover B Egon at ship console with moon in bg
3 Retailer Incentive Cover Egon at ship console with moon in bg, uncolored
4 Cover A Winston in ballcap with sledgehammer
4 Cover B Ecto-1 in foreground, guys with equipment behind, blue bg
4 Retailer Incentive Cover Ecto-1 in foreground, guys with equipment behind, blue bg, no titling

GHOSTBUSTERS: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE (2009) [Christmas Special]
GHOSTBUSTERS: TAINTED LOVE (2010) [Valentine's Day Special]
GHOSTBUSTERS: CON-VOLUTION! (2010) [Comic-Con/Independence Day Special]
GHOSTBUSTERS: HAUNTED HOLIDAYS (2010) [Holiday Trade Paperback]
INFESTATION (2011) [Multi-License Story Cross-Over]
Running from January to April 2011, "Infestation" saw one major threat from the IDW-native "Zombies vs. Robots" universe overwhelm the worlds of "Transformers", "Star Trek", "G.I. Joe", and "Ghostbusters". The books are linked by the zombie invasion, but do not directly interact with one another. In the interest of being complete, I have decided to list EVERY issue of the series below, including the non-Ghostbusters licenses. The pairs of licensed books function as stand-alone stories, without requiring the need to read the other books. So if all you're interested in is Ghostbusters, you can pick up those two books, and not have to buy the whole set.

Since there are many variant covers, and this IS a Ghostbusters site, after all, I am not going to list every cover below. Only the Ghostbusters covers will be listed below..

The entire series was collected into two trade paperbacks (Volume 1 and Volume 2) in July and August 2011.

GHOSTBUSTERS (2011) [Monthly Series]
Starting September 2011, IDW is finally giving Ghostbusters a monthly comic book series.
MARS ATTACKS THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS (2013) [Multi-License Story Cross-Over]
This is a one-shot comic book which crosses-over the aliens from the Mars Attacks universe with the characters from The Real Ghostbusters universe. Mars Attacks originated as a science fiction trading card series released in 1962 by the Topps Company, which was made into a live-action feature in 1996 by director Tim Burton (Blu-ray, DVD, DVD), as well as several series of comic books over the past few decades. Over the course of several weeks in January 2013, IDW will be doing several individual Mars Attacks cross-over one-shots: Popeye (January 2nd), the rock band KISS (January 9th), The Real Ghostbusters (January 16th), Transformers (January 23rd), and Zombies Vs. Robots (January 30th). Unlike the Infestation event from two years ago, there is no overarching storyline to these books, as far as I know, so there are no additional books to set up and resolve the storyline. Everything is contained in each of these issues.