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Duppira Al-Kushni, Askupati Ani Kalatum
by James Eatock
(Cereal:Geek, issue #4, Second Quarter 2008)

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Dungeon & Dragons
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The Real Ghostbusters

No. I haven't gone insane. The above phrase was first uttered in the Dungeons & Dragons episode "Day of the Dungeon Master" by everyone's favorite spoiled brat Eric the Cavalier.

Having acquired the powers of a Dungeon Master Eric is determined to find a way back to Earth for he and his friends. Their quest is a perilous one and with each new danger Eric learns that being imbued with such incredible powers is not as easy as he first thought.

At the end of their journey Eric locates the Golden Grimoire and in an effort to find a way home he begins to recite the spell, "Duppira al-kushni, askupati ani kalatum."

The spell indeed works and a magical portal begins to open showing quite clearly the fairground park from whence they were taken...


A few years later, in the H.P. Lovecraft-based episode of The Real Ghostbusters "The Collect Call of Cathulhu", the jumpsuited paranormal eliminators seek the help of Alice Derleth to aid them in their latest, highly mysterious case.

When the Ghostbusters are captured by a Shoggoth Alice begins chanting a spell, "Duppira al-kushni, askupati ani kalatum!"

Once again in an eighties animated series the spell is effective and the monster turns to stone, shortly before crumbling into a pile of small rocks.

So how is it that two separate cartoons, produced years apart by completely different studios, can feature the same incantation?

The connection both of these episodes have is that they were written by Michael Reaves!