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FDR Drive

GB2 Ecto-1A (Day)
FDR Drive between E. 36th & E. 37th Streets
* Google Maps street view

GB1 Ecto-1 (Night)
FDR Drive Service Road East/Marginal Road
between Avenue C Loop/E. 18th St. & E. 20th St.
(currently Stuyvesant Cove Park/East River Bikeway)
* Google Maps aerial view
* Google Maps street view [near road Ecto-1 was on]

[ This location was identified by Matthew Jordan ]

Filming locations adjacent to this one will be included on this page. That includes: GB1 Ecto-1 At Night

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Movie Shots
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Real World Photos
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Ghostbusters (2016)
Paul Feig's ill-fated parody remake features a few locations from the original movies. While enroute to the Stonebrook Theatre, the team in their new Ecto-1 cruise down the FDR Drive. This spot on the FDR Drive relates to the spot in the original Ghostbusters where Ray and Winston were driving at night and discussing the end of the world. In the image below, you'll see some yellow barrels on the left side. Those are placed where an exit ramp is. That exit ramp ends at street level at the spot where Ray and Winston started driving. Today, that side road has been replaced with a park, so the ramp takes you to the traffic light at the adjacent road.

The movie has been released in Theatrical and Extended Cut versions on Blu-ray, DVD (Theatrical only), and 4K Ultra HD/3D Blu-ray/2D Blu-ray Combo Pack.



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