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Parkview Hospital

Veteran's Administration West Los Angeles Medical/Healthcare Center
Intersection of McArthur Ave. & Pershing Ave., Rear of Building 115 (Quad 7)
Los Angeles, CA 90049

* Google Maps overhead - Parkview
* Bing Maps 3/4 overhead - Parkview
* Google Maps street view - Parkview
* Google Maps overhead - Rick Int.
* Google Maps street view - Rick Int.

[ This location was identified by Matthew Jordan ]

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iCarly: "iLost My Mind" (August 13, 2011)
After Sam kissed Freddie in a previous episode, she goes missing for three days. Carly and Freddie track her down and find out that she's checked herself into the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. The front of the building is seen, in what appears to be old stock footage (probably filmed by the Ghostbusters II crew). That building (Building 116) is also on the VA Hospital property, whose back faces the Parkview location.



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