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Armand's Restaurant

Val's (now Trader Joe's)
10130 Riverside Dr.
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

* Google Maps street view

[ This location was identified by Carl Ross ]

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Moving Target (1988) (TVM)
About eight minutes into this generically-titled television movie starring Jason Bateman, Joseph Kellogg (Tom Skeritt) has a dinner meeting at Val's with a man from the Justice department (John Glover) posing as a prospective employer. They dine in the main eating area, sitting not far from where Dana and Peter sat in Ghostbusters II. The exterior is shown a few times, which is confirmed by the brick building with vents across the street. The Feds escort Mr. Kellogg from the restaurant when his boss, whom they want him to testify against, enters the place. They head out through the kitchen and out the back door to another Fed in a taxi waiting in the back alley.

For more on this location, read Spook Central's Shot on Site article. You can also view video of the restaurant scene on the Spook Central Facebook page. This movie was found by me, Paul Rudoff; and the DVD-quality video was provided by Matthew Jordan.

BUY IT - DVD from MGM.

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